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Enneagram Test

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From among the nine statements below, chose one that most resonates with your personal philosophy. Although there may be much truth to each of the varied statements, there should be one that seems to hold a more essential or important truth than the others. Try to pick with your gut, and not with your head. Narrow it down to the one that ‘feels’ right, the one that to you would seem, “if everyone—including yourself—understood and applied properly, then the world would be a better place!” The number you pick is very likely to be your Enneagram number. You might also like to try this free online test from Enneagram Explorations.

  1. There’s a right way and a wrong way to live. Even though I may not always know what that way is, I always strive to live by the highest standards I know. (More about Ones here.)

  2. There is nothing more precious than human love. It is only the saddest and loneliest of people who don’t understand the joy of giving. (More about Twos here.)

  3. Life is about being the best you can be. You can be just about anything you want if you put enough determination into it. (More about Threes here.)

  4. Some people are born into more favorable circumstances than others. Luckiest are those who have learned to appreciate and maximize what they were given in life. For some, even that is impossible. (More about Fours here.)

  5. Knowledge is power. The more you learn, the better equipped you are to handle whatever comes into your life. (More about Fives here.)

  6. “Family/community” is everything. If you have a loyal group of intimates who provide you with solid support and a deep sense of belonging, then everything else can either be worked out, or at the very least, reasonably endured. (More about Sixes here.)

  7. Life is simply a series of endless and wonderous possibilities. If you are not open to them, your life slowly shuts down. (More about Sevens here.)

  8. Tackling things “head on” is the only way to get things done. Because there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a bad situation due to someone else’s incompetence! (More about Eights here.)

  9. Without deep peace and harmony within and among people, very little of value can be achieved by mankind. (More about Nines here.)