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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Specializing in somatic psychotherapy. Preferred provider for the BCBS network.

The unconscious

I love exploring new ways of coaxing it out and understanding it. It’s a very playful path to ever-increasing consciousness.

What would that look like in practice? Well, mainly, it’s about observing how the mind thinks it wants one thing while, often, the body clearly demonstrates it wants another.

Think of addictive behaviors: from chemical dependency, to overeating, to workaholism, to being irrationally passionate about anything…or, how about the crazy things that turn you on in bed but you would (usually) never want to do in real life… …these are all “messages from the unconscious!”

I imagine some people think that’s the underlying mechanism for “possession.” They fear being possessed by their irrational urges, and so label the body, or something in the body, as “evil.” Then, they attempt to over-control themselves, which is basically repression. Many religions are based on that fear! Religion thus often reverts to guilt, shame to control us through our fears!

Repression is unspeakably harmful! It just comes back with a vengeance if not addressed properly. How? It comes back through unintended aggressive behavior towards others, or it lives in you as “inner self-aggression” (internal put-downs…which only lead to physical ailments and illness, because the body can’t hold so much tension!)

Addressing your urges simply means being able to acknowledge them without defending their legitimacy, and without necessarily giving in to your compulsions to act them out…but rather with the faith that something reasonable underlies them…something worth investigating…something you can “play” with, rather than take dead-seriously. That kind of “playfulness” is related to your capacity to be “present” to what is, rather than compulsively defend from to your fear of it!

Underneath the apparent mind-body contradictions lies psychic material that remains unintegrated (and unconscious)…and so the resulting behavior is very split! That’s fun to unravel! That’s my greatest passion. I invite you to explore that with me through depth psychotherapy.