depth psychotherapist
125 Windsor Drive, Suite 113
Oakbrook, IL 60523
(630) 926-6849

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Specializing in somatic psychotherapy. Preferred provider for the BCBS network.

Office location

The office is located at 125 Windsor Drive, Suite 113, Oak Brook, IL 60523. Turn North onto Windsor Dr. from 22nd St., East of York (or West of I-294). Take an immediate right into the parking lot, and proceed to your right, parallel to 22nd. The office will be on your immediate left.

Any messages left at (630) 926-6849 or at my e-mail address,, will be treated with strict confidentiality. All messages are accessed by no one but me.

Interactive Map

The marker on the map below is temporarily misplaced. Our location has moved a block north from what is shown on this page. For the correct marker location, please look at a bigger version of this map, by clicking here.